Semi-metallic Material

The type of brake pad friction material is named “semi-metallic.” The reason for this is because they feature from 30 to 65% metal by weight. Multiple types of metal are used, from copper and iron to steel. The rest of the friction surface is made of fillers, modifiers, and other substances required to enhance performance and maintain reliability.

This type of brake pad friction material is extremely popular among automakers, and they are considered to be the most versatile type of brake pad on the market. They have their disadvantages, evidently, but some believe that getting semi-metallic brake pads is the best option. It all depends on the application.

Before the appearance of ceramic brake pads, semi-metallic pads used to be the best performing pads available on the market. Evidently, some of that advantage has disappeared with new technology, but they still can keep up with their superior competitors from many points of view.