Company profile

Shandong Rongbang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Shandong Rongbang Spare Parts Co.,ltd was established in 2004, have more than 20 years production experience and specialize in brake pad production and providing safe and comfortable brake solutions for our clients. Our company has over 400 employees, a working space of 70,000m2, and over 2,800 molds for the production of 8 million brake pads annually.

More than 2,400 reference with ECE R90 certification,  and our main export countries and regions include Poland, Italy, UK, Cyprus,Canada, American,Mexico,Dubai,Iran…..

Our service system

From the company beginning, we use ISO international quality assurance system, and closely cooperated with world famous scientific research institutions,  we have advanced R and D Center for friction materials, with first-class research and development groups and excellent production equipment. Now the company has formed a semi-metallic,low-metallic , ceramic  and NAO three environmentally  formulation of the brake pad system. Rubrake brake pad products, with its valuable performance, meet the needs of different models, speeds, loads and road conditions, can provide supporting and parts services for China, the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea and other car lines.

The products were successfully appraised by several auto main engine factories, and were awarded as foreign peugeot, domestic GM and Chery. Chang’an, Zhengzhou Hippocampus, Shanxi Tongjia and many other main engine factories provide OEM matching units, by the Shanxi Huaxing Automobile Braking Technology Co., Ltd. as an excellent company, in recent years, our product has been a number of design patents and utility model patents, all of these are reflecting the popular R & D and supporting strength!

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In 2008, the company’s products were rated as “top ten famous brands of Chinese auto parts”, “excellent quality award of Chinese auto parts products”, “famous brand award of brake pads in 2016”, “influential brand of brake pads in 2017”, “top ten national brands of brake pads” and other titles by China Auto Parts Association. After being assessed by many automobile main engine manufacturers, the company successfully won the title of “foreign Peugeot, domestic GM, Chery, Chang’an, Zhengzhou Haima Shaanxi Tongjia and other main engine manufacturers provide OEM support, and are rated as excellent supporting units by Shaanxi Huaxing Automobile Brake Technology Co., Ltd. in recent years, the products have won a number of appearance design patents and utility model patents, and won the Dongying science and technology enterprise, the national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise, the municipal one enterprise one technology innovation enterprise, the provincial invisible champion, the small and medium-sized enterprises in Shandong Province As a municipal level scientific and technological enterprise, more than ten product formulas have been certified by NSF, the most authoritative certification body in the United States, and nearly 1400 model products have been certified by EU E-MARK international, which reflects the excellent R & D and supporting strength!

Our brand

Suoye, a brand under Rongbang, established and participated in the Yunnan plateau red national automobile rally championship in 2005, creating a precedent in the industry. Suoyi brand was founded in 2004. Now it has upgraded the original semi metal formula to high-end ceramic formula, with low noise, less ash, light yellow appearance and stable performance; Its technology comes from Taiwan, China, China. It has a number of design centers and cooperative research and development institutions around the world. The friction material is made of comfortable and environmental friendly ceramic formula, equipped with imported 3M damping and silencing back plate, matched with brake disc brake system, and the wear rate of the dual parts is low. The product is suitable for various road conditions such as desert and mountain areas after high temperature ablation, which can effectively shorten the braking distance; The brand was comprehensively upgraded in 2017. Rbwolf – a brake pad brand based on the high-end after-sales market of Chinese automobiles, which was jointly developed and designed by wolf in Italy and rubrake in China. Wofu has set up a transit warehouse in the Chinese market in the form of a region, forming an Italian after-sales concept of point and breadth, rapid marketing and precise service, which will comprehensively update the marketing thinking of Chinese auto parts and lead the improvement of service thinking and brand marketing direction of China’s vulnerable parts industry. Gushuoyi brand innovates the concept of “maintenance instead of repair” and is batch tested by link laboratories in North America, which effectively solves the difficult problem of domestic loading noise. More than 1000 types of disc brake pad assemblies were launched in the first phase of this brand, and the company continued to follow up the development of domestic vacancies and new vehicle launch models, which can meet the blind spots of customers in selling models. Industrial board paper is used for packaging to prevent the impact of transportation and storage extrusion on the standard deviation of product assembly. The front and rear brake pads are equipped with a special four piece set for installation and maintenance, and the overall performance of the product meets the OE standard. Gushuoyi’s domestic operation is mainly based on prefecture level cities and focuses on the brand operation and customers of vulnerable parts. Please pay attention to it!